WAP-7D Waistband Amplifier

The WAP 7DReview by Terry McDermott


Price: Varies - £140-250 depending on availability and stockists.  It may be possible to get VAT exemption/refund if it is for personal use.

Good points

  • Good amplification.
  • Very light.
  • Looks modern and more discreet than many other amplifiers I have seen (smaller, dark grey colour, basically does not feel like something out of the Open University circa 1972!)
  • Headband microphone is discreet and stays in place well.
  • Feedback is less easily triggered than other models I have tried.
  • Very long operating time of up to 30 hours with fully charged batteries.
  • Good value when compared with other more expensive – and in my opinion inferior – high end portable amplifiers.

Bad points

  • The mic on the headband is covered with a black foam tip which is not as discreet as the rest of the headband.
  • There can be occasional feedback.
  • It was only possible to trial it briefly.  It would be useful to try it for longer to check many of the good points mentioned above. 

Terry raising awareness and funds for voice disorders at the Shoreditch Grand Prix.