• Establish the UK’s first patient led organisation for people with voice disorders. 
  • Create a thriving voice problem community, both online and offline.  This includes an online forum and holding regular self-help meetings for people with voice problems.
  • Overtime expand self-help groups around the UK and expand the services available at these self-help groups to include elements such as professionally led voice therapy and laryngeal massage/manipulation.
  • Achieve sustainable staffing of an advice/info, emotional support and career guidance service delivered by “voice problem friendly” email.  
  • To fund voice assistance equipment for those who need it and who can’t get funding from other sources
  • To develop a collection of voice assistance equipment for the 21st Century making best use of available technology.  Currently people with voice disorders often have to rely on substandard equipment because nothing up to date has been brought onto the market.
  • Expand The Lary Project to help people with voice disorders in other countries.
  • Raise awareness of voice disorders so they enjoy the same levels of recognition and understanding as other major disabilities.

Can you help to make this happen? Contact supporters [at] lary.org.uk


Terry raising awareness and funds for voice disorders at the Shoreditch Grand Prix.