Don't break the piggy bank!There are various places you can get funding for voice assistance equipment. The information below is based on the system in the United Kingdom. If you are a national of another country, you should contact your local support services.

Benefit Recipients

If you are in receipt of benefits, you should speak to your benefit adviser who should be able to offer assistance. For example, those in receipt of Incapacity Benefit may be able to use the adviser’s discretionary fund to purchase voice assistance equipment.

Those in Employment, About to Enter Employment or the Self Employed: Access to Work Scheme

The government’s Access to Work Scheme may be able to help you or your employer to purchase voice assistance equipment. Contact your local Access to Work office in order to apply.


If you are a student (full or part-time) you may be able to get help purchasing voice assistance equipment via the Disability Student Allowance (DSA). Your university or college should have a disability adviser and they will be able to help you make an application.

Having problems getting funding? Please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Terry raising awareness and funds for voice disorders at the Shoreditch Grand Prix.