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The Lary Project is an organisation supporting and representing people with voice (larynx) problems. We believe those with voice disorders should enjoy much better levels of recognition, understanding and support. Here’s a selection of what we’re up to:

Online : is our new online social network where you can meet others with voice problems.  Please do sign up and post.  It's only by creating a community of people with voice problems that real progress can be made in improving support and recognition.  The Forum is the predecessor to so you might want to check out here too.
  dearLARY is providing information, career guidance and emotional support to people with voice problems via email, the voice problem friendly way to gain support
  On the QT visits restaurants, bars and other venues around the UK and rates them on their voice problem friendliness
  We publish articles and information for people with voice disorders and those who know them – eg. employers, friends & family
  We review voice assistance equipment such as voice amplifiers and provide advice on funding sources to purchase them

Offline (i.e. in the real world) :

  We are run self-help groups in the UK for people with voice problems. Meet others with voice problems and access lots of useful services.
  The Lary Project raises awareness of voice disorders by producing information, speaking at conferences and events and campaigning on behalf of people with voice problems


New to Voice Problems? Here are two facts:

1. Voice problems are different to speech problems.  Voice is the sound made by the larynx (voicebox).  What is done with that sound by the lips, tongue, etc... is speech.

2. Voice problems are not just about what you hear.  A hoarse, strained voice can have a very significant impact (imagine having a whisper for a voice... forever?).  However, when you add other symtoms that can include pain, breathlessness and swallowing problems, perhaps you start to get an idea of the challenges of a voice problem.